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Jason decided to begin speaking to high level corporate executives in New York at an event organised by his own company Inspired Business Media. After 2 years of regaining both physical and mental strength he felt he had a platform and the experience to make a different by promoting health awareness to professionals who have the ability to communicate the message through their own internal corporate channels.

So far he's campaigned as a volunteer in front of 150 organisations responsible for millions of employees and will continue to do so but now starting to encourage donations to several UK charities that have been a part of his own recovery journey.


100% of donations are gifted to UK charities


"My goal is to raise awareness of poor work-related health to help reduce the increasing number of strokes, heart and mental health cases each year in the UK. I provide insightful and motivational talks to senior corporate executives from some of the world's largest organisations who have a key influence to communicate awareness to millions of their employees. If I manage to prevent just one stroke or traumatic brain related injury, it would have been worth it!"

Jason Awatar Charity Volunteer & Ambassador



Whilst stood on stage hosting an event in Reading, UK, I suffered a major brain haemorrhage that left me with a full left-sided paralysis causing instant physical disability and mental health challenges. (15th May 2017).


I was hospitalised for 7 weeks receiving full rehabilitation treatment before being discharged to continue my recovery journey with support of family, friends, physios, doctors, dietitians and phycologists to rebuild not only my body functionality but also an independent and manageable life.


I am very lucky to be alive and to gain so much love and support as a young stroke survivor however the road to recovery is extremely difficult even for even someone like me who has the support and resources available to rebuild a second chance at life. I now can walk, talk and drive that makes me very happy and thankful.


Lack of information, guidance and reassurance led me to develop my own knowledge and coping mechanisms to regain confidence and build mental focus through re-learning and developing a positive mind-set. It's amazing what you can achieve when you realise that you have a life, make the most of it!


Every stroke is different and we are all programmed differently so retraining the brain into learning how to use your muscles is just the start of a long and frustrating process. However I believe that your mental focus is essential to achieving the best chance of rehabilitation or success no matter how old, weak or sad you think you are.


I wanted to provide support to anyone that suffers from the list of challenges I have faced over the past few years due to my stroke.

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